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You can seek help on the following 10 Areas

File complaints to regulators


Did a stock broker con you? Did an insurance company cheat you? File a complaint to the regulator

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File consumer complaints


Did someone cheat you? Were you not satisfied with services of a corporate? File a consumer complaint.

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Guide to IT Act and civil liberties


The Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008 contains several new sections on offences including Cyber Terrorism and Data Protection. However, several amendments of the Act, like Section 66A and Section69 are criticised by experts

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Guide to filing PILs


Filing PIL can be a powerful tool to crack down corruption and unwarranted practices.

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Guide to whistleblowers


As of December 2013, India does not have a law to protect whistleblowers. The Whistle Blowers Protection Bill, 2011 is still pending before the Rajya Sabha. This makes it important for whistleblowers to know what they can and cannot do

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File a sexual harassment case


Most people are clueless about the stringent new provisions of the Sexual Harassment Act. Here you will know the impact of the Act on organisations, structure of anti-sexual harassment committees and compliance requirements

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Guide to wills & nominations


Due to misconceptions about Wills and Nominations many are left confused due to the legalities. Here you will get detailed information on Wills and Nominations

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Guide to RTIs


RTI is one of the most powerful tools in a democracy. Use it effectively and wisely. Use it to track things like passport, LPG status, etc.

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Guide to property-related issues


Guidance on property, conveyance, cooperative housing society related issues, registration, stamp duty etc

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Basic legal research


Basic legal research of different kinds especially pertaining to new legislation where there is no case laws in India such as Class Action Suits under the new Companies Act

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