Apart from the Legal Resource Centre Helpline, Moneylife Foundation runs other helplines to assist Moneylifers and the common man namely Insurance Helpline, Mutual Fund Helpline, Railway Helpline, Credit Helpline and Disha Counselling Centre for loan-related issues.


  • Insurance Helpline

The Insurance Helpline is a Moneylife Foundation endeavour, on a best-efforts basis, to help victimes of those who have been mis-sold insurance policies. Check out how we have helped many recover lakhs of rupees.


  • Mutual Fund Helpline

The mutual fund industry has mushroomed from a few products to far too many different kinds of products for the average saver to handle. Many savers are at a loss on how to effectively invest in mutual funds. Many mutual funds come in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, redressal is difficult and many savers are also at a loss on how to get their grievances solved. This is where the  Moneylife Mutual Fund Helpline steps in and it seeks to help Moneylifers to address mutual fund queries on a best efforts basis.


  • Samir Zaveri Railway Helpline

80 lakh Mumbaikars travel by train everyday
25 of them meet with an accident
10-12 of them lose their lives


Samir Zaveri, recently confirmed as a Mumbai Hero by a local daily, has devoted his life to helping victims of railways accidents. While he started out wanting to help save lives in the golden hour after an accident, he has ended up building an amazing track record of fighting for medical facilities, compensation and reimbursement as well as innumerable cases of extortion and harassment by railway employees and the police. Much of this has come at a great personal cost and risk.

Check out the Samir Zaveri Railway Helpline  to obtain help related to railway issues.


  • Disha Financial Counselling Centre

Disha’s expert counsellors who have decades of experience will guide those who need help in understanding banking and financial products, credit issues and credit history and identifying suitable products and options.

Check out  Disha Financial Counselling for more information.